3214 Horse Pen Creek Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27410

4 Responses to Home

  1. Thank you SO much for the mid-term treats left here at the Guilford College campus ministry office! Students have been enjoying them!

    • Morehead Admin says:

      Thank you, Max, for your kind comments. It was truly our pleasure. We have just finished rebuilding our website, as it had been in limbo for quite a while. Thus just now sending this back – but guess better late than never! Stop in to visit with us some Sunday, we would love to have you. Pam Thomas – Admin. Asst.

  2. Amy Mohorn says:

    You may want to think about updating your website– especially your calendar, and the VBS information. It may help encourage people to visit if they are searching!

    • Morehead Admin says:

      Alas, with the great assistance of one of our members, we have re-built our website! Still content work to do, but it is now up and going and the calendar of events is current. Appreciate your taking time to alert us. It has taken a good while to accomplish this, but hopefully all is well now. Blessings, Pam Thomas – Admin. Asst.